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Anybody who has ever suffered a hard drive crash, or had a hard drive go to that giant datacenter in the sky, knows the pain involved in restoring your computer files, especially if you dont have full backups.

Now, with the help of an intuative piece of software called iPod Copy Expert, making backup copies of your iPod playlists just got a whole lot easier. No longer do you have to spend hours all over again ripping your favorite CDs to MP3 so that you can access them on your computer

iPod Copy Expert gives windows users (Win98/2000/ME/XP/Vista) the ability to quickly copy files and playlists from your iPod to a folder on your hard drive, or to import your iPod library directly into iTunes.

iPod Copy Expert's interface is very easy to use, and the software does exactly what it claims to do. Upon running the software, it automatically recongizes your connected iPod and displays its media library. You select which files, or all files, and then have the choice of downloading to a folder, or importing to iTunes. There are no technical settings that have to be set just right, or no advanced configuration required to use it. It just works!

I was able to copy my mostly full 80GB 5G iPod with Video to my hard drive in just under 4 minutes, and it was only slightly longer to import the identical files into iTunes.

You can download a free trial version of iPod Copy Expert -- but the full version is only $19.95. Using it once will give you the satisfaction that it was $20 well invested.

DISCLOSURE : I was paid to review this website, however, I was also given the freedom to post it in a negative or positive light. This review is my opinion of the site and the product offered, and not something I was paid to say.

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